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Stratford District Council Core Strategy

The proposal to build 3000 houses at the southern end of The Old Gated Road as part of the SDC Core Strategy has been reviewed by the Planning Inspector. He issued an interim report on 20 March and stated that the SDC Core Strategy is not sound as it stands and it cannot go forward for adoption at the moment. The Planning Inspector has suspended his examination for SDC to carry out further work and will resume the examination when that work has been completed. This is likely to be in October 2015, with any adoption of a new Core Strategy likely to be in the first half of 2016.

The proposed 3000 house development will be visible from Chesterton Windmill to the south & south-west. Chesterton Windmill is an Ancient Monument and is unique. The damage to the vista from Chesterton Windmill will be significant and contravenes the National Planning Policy Framework. As a result the Save Chesterton Windmill e-petition has been launched and has over 2000 signatories. See www.savechestertonwindmill.com

Planning Application.

In the meantime a planning application has been received from the Bird Group & Commercial Estates Group to build a new village 2000 houses ( Kingston Grange) on the land between the M40 and the B4100 north- west of Gaydon Coppice (this is the southern part of the site which is part of the Stratford District Council Core Strategy to build 3000 houses). This includes planned building of a significant proportion in Chesterton & Kingston Parish. Consultation is currently taking place and this will conclude on 28 May, 2015. The Parish is currently examining the Planning application.

The Old Gated Road- traffic issues.

The Parish has been in discussions for over 2 years with Warwickshire County Council(WCC), WCC elected councillor, Stratford District Council (SDC), SDC elected district councillor, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) & Aston Martin Limited (AML) regarding the transport issues in the Parish as a result of the expansion of the operations for JLR & AML at Gaydon. These discussions include the Fosse Way, Harbury Lane junction, Fosse Way between Harbury Lane and B4100 and traffic through Chesterton Green via Windmill Hill Lane, Church Road and The Old Gated Road.

As far as local minor roads are concerned, the discussions have resulted in WCC offering the possibility of temporary closure of The Old Gated Road for a period of 6-9 months for assessment of impact. Chesterton & Kingston parishioners have been canvassed and 80% of those expressing a view support the closure plan. Further consultation is ongoing with regard to temporary closure. If it is decided to close the road, at the end of the 6-9 months, then closure could be permanent or removed, depending on impact.